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Mortgage modification agreement

How does the Mortgage Modification Agreement work?  Simply, we do a free upfront analysis of your Loan Modification Request, Application, Budget, & Hardship Letter to determine if you are a likely candidate for a successful outcome.  Once we determine that your chances of success are high (we do not take Loan Modifications that we believe will not be approved), we then engage in an agreement to represent you. 

We are presently offering two options depending on our borrower’s individual needs; a retainer from a law firm we can recommend or an advance fee agreement directly from us.  We have excellent attorneys who are very informed in the specific areas of law that apply and can enlist them to negotiate on your behalf. 

Second, we negotiate as a Licensed California Real Estate Broker on your behalf.  In either case, we collect the money upfront and depending on which scenario we believe is more likely to ensure a beneficial outcome, you either pay the attorneys the retainer all at once or we “earn out” the upfront fee in our Advance Fee Agreement based upon stages of review, processing, negotiation and completion.

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