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Loan Modification Program

Modifications by Suzette uses proven methods in our Loan Modification Program to increase your chance of success.  

Many mortgage modification companies are taking money and laughing all the way to the bank without really doing all that they can to assist the borrower.  We are NOT one of those companies. 

Our Mortgage Loan Modification process is professional and our service is excellent, just like in our sister company, Loans by Suzette.


Why mortgage modification?


In a perfect world, everyone would have great jobs, lots of equity, tons of savings and retirement income and perfect credit.  This is not the current “real world” environment.

Many people have been laid off or their homes have lost a significant amount of equity.  Others have had special hardship situations that prevent them from being able to make their payments. 
  Even worse, the people who had large equity lines in case of emergency found their emergencies exacerbated by the fact that their lenders closed them just when they needed them.  Many people didn’t even find out that their equity lines had been shut off until they bounced a check from the account.


Our loan modification program is unique and professional.


We have decades of mortgage experience combined with attorneys who have extensive knowledge of both real estate and the art of negotiating the modification.  Similar to a loan submission, it’s very complicated to get your own modification approved.

Our program reviews the initial information to determine if it’s possible that a lender will honor your request.  We then compile budgets, hardship letters of explanation, the application and financials and present it to the lender in an orderly, focused package that highlights the reason they should assist you, our customer.  Our loan modification program also provides a loss mitigation analysis to the lender so they can see why helping you is a better financial decision than taking the property back.


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